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4C'S is both a State Licensed Undergound Utility Contractor as well as a Class 5 Fire Contractor. With over twenty years experience and projects ranging from $50,000 to $2 million dollars, 4C's is both a capable and reliable contractor for all of

your underground utility needs.

Pressure Mains

4C's is capable of installing any size pressure main from a 1/2” through 60” line, including PVC, DIP, HDPE, Steel and CCP. We are experienced installing potable water mains, raw water mains, reclaimed water mains, sanitary force mains, storm force mains, irrigations mains and all necesarry associated work.

Fire Mains

4C'S holds a Class 5 Fire License, allowing us to complete all underground fire main work. With our own fire license, we are capable of coordinating the installation of the fire and water lines simultaneously without the involvement of an outside

or sub-contractor.

Pump Stations

4C'S has the capability of installing new as well as rehabing old pump stations on both sanitary and storm systems. This includes both packaged and precast lift stations of all sizes. We include everything needed for these stations from excavation for and installation of wet well to startup of the pump station.

Storm Drainage & Sewer

4C'S is capable and experienced in installing any size and type of pipe used in a gravity flow storm or sanitary sewer system. We install all types of pipe and structures, including PVC, HDPE, Concrete, DIP, Steel and Aluminum on any storm or sanitary system we construct. We are also experienced installing exfilteration systems of all sizes.


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