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We work intensively to not only bring a final product that is beyond expectation but also, an enjoyable construction experience. Our staff ensures proper timing of each scope and our vast capabilities provide simplistic scheduling, impressive completion times and significant cost savings. We are experienced and proven in the construction of small and large parking lots, roads, building pads, subdivisions, retention areas and athletic fields.  

Clearing & Grubbing

With an enitre crew including man power, equipment and trash haulers dedicated to land clearing, 4C'S is capable of clearing anything from a small residential lot to massive, hundred acre clears. Our yard in Bunnell is also home to a yard trash processing facility, this provides for significant savings to the owner as well as an environmentally friendly way to dispose of debris.


4C'S is heavily experienced in the excavation and grading of both small and large, wet and dry retention areas. We are capable of excavating, grading, hauling and moving fill on site in our off road or dump trucks for large development or subdivision projects.

Earth Work

Grade crews at 4C'S are second to none. From import of fill and rough grades to installation of base materials and final grades until the final clean up, 4C'S is there from start to finish. With a fleet of equipment and a dedicated crew, 4C'S is capable of constructing parking lots, roads, building pads and athletic fields, as well as importing all necesarry materials.


4C'S is proven in producing a high quality finished concrete product on all types of flatwork. Having poured miles and miles of sidewalk and hundreds of yards of pavement, 4C'S has the experience and crews to add the aesthetic aspect to your project through nicely finished flatwork.

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